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The enigmas surrounding one of hollywood’s best-known cults has at last been decoded, thanks to the upcoming arrival, in early may (2016) of the first comprehensive biography of the rise to fame of hollywood icon, James Dean.

Written to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the violent death of a star who lived fast, died young, and became a legend, this book was compiled after fifty years of input from James Dean’s friends, lovers (male and female), and enemies. Much of the information within it has never been published before. new, uncensored, and unauthorized, it’s the first comprehensive biography of the actor ever published, a groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind overview of the widely marketed yet widely misunderstood symbol of the inarticulated rage of america’s rebellious youth.

input from hundreds of other players revealed strong opinions, both good and bad, about the seductive but psychologically damaged powerhouse in their midst. many of the revelations derived from specific first-hand sources whose voices have never been heard before.

ROGERS BRACKETT. a flamboyant but deeply closeted TV producer at CBs, Brackett first “discovered” James Dean, then a parking lot attendant and hustler turning tricks on the streets of L.a. Falling desperately in love with him, Brackett paid his bills, introduced him to many of the entertainment industry’s casting directors, and configured him as his live-in lover. suffering through Dean’s emotional aberrations and his perhaps bipolar mood swings, Brackett tolerated his “mercy fucks” and calculated infidelities with a constellation of other, often very famous, sex partners, all of which are documented. he also included insights into the young actor’s murky explorations of the sexual undergrounds of nYC and L.a. another key source of information was:

ALEC WILDER. an influential and avant-garde composer of the early 50s, well-connected on Broadway and in hollywood, Wilder housed Dean during the early days of his migration to new York, introducing him to key players in the entertainment industry, including scriptwriters, television directors, singers such as Peggy Lee, and such playwrights as Tennessee Williams and William Inge. many of them enticed Jimmy (or were enticed by him) onto their casting couches.


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About the Author:

“Darwin Porter is the master of guilty pleasures. There is nothing like reading him for passing the hours. He is the Nietzsche of Naughtiness, the Goethe of Gossip, the Proust of Pop Culture. Porter knows all the nasty buzz anyone has ever heard whispered in dark bars, dim alleys, and confessional booths. And lovingly, precisely, and in as straightforward a manner as an oncoming train, his prose whacks you between the eyes with the greatest gossip since Kenneth Anger. Some would say better than Anger.” (as quoted from Alan W. Petrucelli’s THE ENTERTAINMENT REPORT at Examiner.com).

Porter began his career writing about politics and the entertainment industry for Knight Newspapers and The Miami Herald. Today, he’s one of the most prolific biographers in the world. His portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, J. Edgar Hoover, Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, Howard Hughes, John and Jackie Kennedy, Paul Newman, Merv Griffin, Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, and Michael Jackson have generated widespread reviews and animated radio and blogsite commentaries worldwide. Some of his biographies have been serialized to millions of readers in The Sunday Times of London and The Mail on Sunday.

Porter is also the well-known original author of many editions of The Frommer Guides, a respected travel guidebook series that’s among the most prominent and well-respected in the world.

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