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Blood Moon Productions is a New York-based publishing enterprise dedicated to researching, salvaging, and indexing the oral histories of America's entertainment industry. 

Reorganized with its present name in 2004, Blood Moon originated in 1997 as the Georgia Literary Association, a vehicle for the promotion of obscure writers from America's Deep South. For many years, Blood Moon was a key player in the writing, research, and editorial functions of THE FROMMER GUIDES, the most respected name in travel publishing.

Blood Moon maintains a back list of about 30 critically acclaimed biographies, film guides, and novels. Its titles are distributed in North America and worldwide by the National Book Network (, and through secondary wholesalers and online retailers everywhere.

Since 2004, Blood Moon has been awarded dozens of nationally recognized literary prizes. They've included both silver and bronze medals from the IPPY (Independent Publishers Assn.) Awards; four nominations and two Honorable Mentions for BOOK OF THE YEAR from Foreword Reviews; nominations from The Ben Franklin Awards; and Awards and Honorable Mentions from the New England, the Los Angeles, the Paris, the New York, the San Francisco, and the Hollywood Book Festivals. Two of its titles have been Grand Prize Winners for Best Summer Reading, as defined by The Beach Book Awards.

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Sometimes identified as “the Tabloid Kings of Golden-Age Hollywood,” Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince are the authors of at least 40 exposés of “the stories behind the story” of America’s entertainment industry. Subjects they’ve (notoriously) aimed their spotlight on, usually to critical acclaim, have included Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Peter O’Toole, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Linda Lovelace, the Gabor sisters, the Clintons, the Reagans, Donald Trump, and a gaggle of other luminaires who found either success or notoriety—or both—en route to the scandal-soaked fulfillment of their hopes and dreams.

Darwin Porter is one of the writers of the Frommer's travel guides and a sensationalist Hollywood biographer known for books whose source material derives from transcription of oral dialogues from living witnesses of not-widely-publicized events and relationships in the entertainment industry.

Porter was born in western North Carolina and grew up in Miami Beach, Florida. He attended the University of Miami and graduated in 1959. At the age of 20, he became an entertainment columnist for The Miami Herald, later being made bureau chief in Key West.

He has written biographies of the Gabor sisters: Zsa Zsa, Eva and Magda, Merv Griffin, Michael Jackson, Steve McQueen, Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, Howard Hughes, Katharine Hepburn, Paul Newman, and J. Edgar Hoover, all, apart from Jackson, after their deaths. Some of Porter's works have been serialized by major broadsheet newspapers in the UK, including The Sunday Times. Writing of his novel Butterfly in Heat, James Kirkwood, Jr., co-author of A Chorus Line, wrote, "Darwin Porter writes with an incredible understanding of the milieu - hot enough to singe the wings off any butterfly!"

Mr. Porter maintain links to the John Wiley & Sons publishing group thanks to his long-standing co-authorship (along with Mr. Danforth Prince) of many editions of THE FROMMER GUIDES, a major name in travel publishing.


"There are guilty pleasures. Then there is the master of guilty pleasures, Darwin Porter. There is nothing like reading him for passing the hours. He is the Nietzsche of Naughtiness, the Goethe of Gossip, the Proust of Pop Culture. Porter knows all the nasty buzz anyone has ever heard whispered in dark bars, dim alleys, and confessional booths. And lovingly, precisely, and in as straightforward a manner as an oncoming train, his prose whacks you between the eyes with the greatest gossip since Kenneth Anger. Some would say better than Anger."

—Alan W. Petrucelli
The Entertainment Report

Porter can be contacted through us at

Whatever happened when Zsa Zsa went to Florida with Danforth Prince and LINDA LOVELACE?

In 2013, the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival invited Danforth Prince to deliver lectures associated with Blood Moon’s biographies of LINDA LOVELACE and THOSE GLAMOROUS GABORS.

Here are links to a two-part interview with Al McGhee of, wherein Blood Moon’s president discusses the nuances of what a book publicist faces during a tour of South Florida with two of Hollywood’s most legendary film stars.

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Blood Moon Productions is a New York City-based publishing enterprise dedicated to researching, salvaging, and indexing the previously unrecorded oral histories of America's entertainment industry.


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