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Blood Moon is a proud contributor to the arts and entertainment landscape of the historic Saint George neighborhood of New York City's borough of Staten Island.  We're located in "Magnolia House," a historically important, landmark-protected building dating from the building boom that affected New York City in the wake of America's Civil War of the 1860s.  For more information about this landmark building, click the Staten Island Live link to the left. For information about overnight accommodations inside (it operates as a reasonably priced, "celebrity-centric" B&B with links to the book trades), click on

The incomparable ZsazsaThose Glamorous GaborsBlood Moon recently published history's most complete overview of the lives of THOSE GLAMOROUS GABORS, a scandalous trio of spellbinding sisters whose marital conquests were among the most spectacular (and gossiped about) of their generation.

“You will never be Ga-bored. . . . gives new meaning to the term ‘compelling.'”

Once upon a time, in the faraway kingdom of the Magyars, there lived a woman who had three daughters. This woman was very, very wise and knew well the cost of diamonds and the ways of the world. And she looked upon her daughters and her ample bosom swelled with pride.

One daughter, she saw, was a great beauty who was soon named Miss Hungary. And once more her mother was proud. A second daughter married well and became the Countess of Warsaw and told her sisters to refer to her as “Her Excellency,” and again the mother was proud. The third, the youngest and blondest of the three girls, seeing that her homeland seethed with turmoil as the world prepared for war, quickly married Garbo’s chiropractor and fled to the mythical land called Hollywood. And that made the mother proudest of all. - Click here to read the entire NY Journal of Books review.

Blood Moon Productions:

“Applying the tabloid standards of today to the Hollywood scandals of yesterday. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it."
Danforth Prince, President

Blood Moon

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Blood Moon has been variously described as "feisty," and "fiercely independent," as a quick overview of our backlist will show.

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Blood Moon Productions is a New York City-based publishing enterprise dedicated to researching, salvaging, and indexing the previously unrecorded oral histories of America's entertainment industry.


Blood Moon supports literacy as an enduring weapon against the unthinking stupidity of the postmodern age. Challenge and improve your mind: READ SOMETHING!