Those Glamorous GaborsBrando Unzipped

Marlon Brando: Bad Boy, Megastar, Sexual Outlaw

Darwin Porter

That ongoing, barely under control drama known as Marlon Brando--Hollywood's Ultimate Bad Boy, Megastar, and Sexual Outlaw--with a special focus on his early rise to fame and his social and sexual associations with the A-list legends of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Brando Unzipped is the definitive gossip guide to the late, great actor's life --New York Daily News. Lurid, raunchy, perceptive, and certainly worth reading, it's one of the best show-biz biographies of the year. --London's Sunday Times. Brando Unzipped received an Honorable Mention from Foreword Magazine in its Book of the Year competition, and it won a Silver Ippy award for Best Biography from the Independent Publisher's Association.


"Lurid, raunchy, perceptive, and certainly worthreading. One of the ten best show-biz biographies of the year."     
—The Sunday Times (London)


"Yummy. An irresistably flamboyant romp of a read." —Books to Watch Out For


"Astonishing. An extraordinarily detailed portrait of Brando that's as blunt, uncompromising, and X-rated as the man himself." —Women's Weekly


"This shocking new book is sparking a major reassessment of Brando's legacy as one of Hollywood's most macho lotharios." —Daily Express (London)


"As author Darwin Porter finds, it wasn't just the acting world Marlon Brando conquered. It was the actors, too."  —Gay Times (London)


"Brando Unzipped is the definitive gossip guide to the late, great actor's life."  —The New York Daily News


Paperback 0-9786465-3-3 / 978-0-9786465-3-0 Trim size 6x9 Page Count 625 Temporarily out of hardcover copies.  Available for e-readers only.

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