• Pink Triangle

    Since 2004, Blood Moon has published more than 30 hot, provocative books about the Entertainment Industry in America. Our newest is PINK TRIANGLE, a hell-raising literary exposé that demonstrates why Hell Hath No Fury like a Diva scored in Hollywood or on Broadway.
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    Salvages the previously unpublished oral histories of America's Entertainment Industry.

    UNHOLY TRIO: Here's a three-minute trailer describing what readers can expect from PINK TIRANGLE, an overview of the ferocious three-way feud between the great literary divas of the "American Century."
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  • The Babylon Series

    There are about 30 titles associated with Blood Moon's award-winning Babylon Series. Each focuses on leading men, iconic women, and scheming members of their entourages. Scandal, Censorship, and Celebrity Worship, Then and Now. No other publishing venue delivers celebrity gossip like Blood Moon Productions.
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Huffington Post Book Review of the Pink Triangle



Peter Wein radio interview

Radio Interview with Danforth Prince

Danforth Prince talks to Peter Wein on the WEINetwork radio show about the latest Blood Moon release, The Pink Triangle, a hell-raising literary exposé.

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GLOBE coverage of The Pink Triangle press release (.pdf file)

THE GLOBE Covers The Pink Triangle

Read the press release concerning THE GLOBE's coverage of the hot new Blood Moon feature, The Pink Triangle, a hell-raising literary exposé.

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Zsa Zsa is Coming to Florida?

Here's how Peter Wein, The WEI Entertainment Network's widely respected Arts & Entertainment Commentator (The Ed Sullivan of Radio) dragged the exclusive lowdown out of Danforth Prince.

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Lecture Circuit News

Blood Moon proudly announces its upcoming appearance at one of the world's most respected GLBT Archives, the Stonewall Museum and Archives, 1300 East Sunrise Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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NY Journal of Books

Censorship and Celebrity Worship, Then and Now. At the Books and Books bookstore, 265 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida 33134 (tel. 305/442-4408).

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Magda, Zsa Zsa, & Eva Gabor

Danforth Prince presents the secret, previously unpublished aspects of these celebrities' lives, based on the recent publication of some of Darwin Porter's Critically acclaimed biographies.

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Danforth Prince on blogtalkradio

Publisher Danforth Prince's latest book is "Those Glamorous Gabor Sisters, Bombshells from Budapest." He will talk about Zsa Zsa, Eva and Magda and their part in the Golden age of Hollywood

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Deep Throating Linda Lovelace

Danforth Prince, delivers an illustrated seven-minute overview of what readers can expect from his company's March, 2013 release of Darwin Porter's biography of 1970s Porn Star Linda Lovelace

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The Power of Iconography

Danforth Prince discusses the Power of Iconography in Amreica--Dirty Secrets, Rumors No More. The persecution of the GLBT population through the decades in the USA and the world.

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